Friday, November 30, 2007

Best Sex Scene in a Movie

Thank you Nerve for brightening up my Friday.

While I was living in a sorority, this was a topic that came up often. I mean, All.the.time. So I think it's prudent to bring it up here and see what YOUR favorite sex scenes from a movie are.

I got the idea from Nerve, who delivered this bit of magic to my inbox not long ago. They call it, "Nerve's Greatest Sex Scenes in Cinema."

"Last Temptations of Christ," topped their list. This week they are highlighting "Legends of the Fall" with Brad Pitt.

My personal favorite is the Rachel Weiss and Jude Law in "Enemy at the Gates." He also does well in "Cold Mountain" with Nicole Kidman. I don't know what it is about Jude, but he sure knows how to pull off a sex scene. Gives you insight to why he's such a sleaze in real life ...

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