Sunday, November 11, 2007

Sunday Nofunday.

Mreh mreh mreh. It's Sunday, which means tomorrow is Monday, which means I have to go to work and start the countdown to Friday once again.


Boyan and I were on our way to meet some of my co-workers at our neighborhood Chili's. I don't know why there was so much traffic on the road at 6pm on Friday night but it seemed as if it took us forever. We were turning onto Fullerton from Valley and making our way to Gale when we sped through the intersection crossing the railroad tracks and heard a very loud train whistle. At first we were confused. 'Why does that train sound so close? The lights haven't gone up, the crossing arms haven't gone down.' As we crossed over the train tracks we realized why. Looking to the right we were blinded by a very bright light and a train that looked to be less than 100 yards away from our car. I put my foot on the gas and raced across the tracks onto the other side. Boyan and I both reeling. How could the train crossing arms malfunction like that? Cars on the other side of the road realizing their danger also raced across the tracks and out of the way. Finally the train went by as the arms went down, but it was definitely a close call for all.

When we finally made it to Chili's we noticed that the parking lot was full. The entire parking lot at 6pm and people were crowding the doorways to get inside the restaurant. Evidence to my previous points that, there is in fact, nothing to do in West Covina...besides go to Chili's of course! We had a nice dinner and drinks with our co-workers and made it back home in time to prepare ourselves for a trip downtown for the Jezebel happy hour.

We made it to the bar the Prince by 10:30, just in time to meet up with our friend Catherine, who had braved the Los Angeles metro system to join us. Besides the fact that Boyan SWORE we were on 7th street gang turf (well, the bar IS on 7th street, but the gang hangs out a block away so I don't think we were in any real danger) the surrounding neighborhood seemed quiet, poster boards with korean writing littered the skyline amongst old hollywood hotels.

The Prince was like a bar I'd only dreamt about but never fully experienced. We entered a small red door and were greeted by a deep red glow in the old world, british/beef eater inspired bar. This is definitely a local hangout, despite being used in Thank you for Smoking, the bar hasn't caught on with the hipster crowd and remains to be a spot for koreans to get a nice meal and a beer. Most probably a Hite in fact which is what I had. A light korean beer that had "fresh beer taste" and was made with "natural water" was quite pleasant and refreshing.

It was only after I sat down the strange B.O. smell reached by nose, but by then I was too excited about being there and around new people to notice. The event was organized by Gawker's media girl Molly who in fact works for another gawker media branch fleshbot (nsfw). There were rumors that those who showed up would get free porn, and Molly delivered way more than expected. Although Boyan and I didn't take her up on the offer of "Trannie Sistas Pt. II" it was still very interesting to see what kinds of crazy stuff people actually get off on in this world. She did end up interviewing me on video about the evening, and asked me what types of porn I was looking at to which I responded "Oh well there is so much here to choose from, Trannie Sisters PT. II and Pantyhose hoes, what more can you ask for?"

I panicked, I freaked out (I'm not good on camera) and hopefully that won't follow me around for the rest of my life. Anyways, after that all kinds of political and religious debate ensued till we left at around midnight to head home back to the SG Valley.

That will have to be it for now. I will write about Saturday tomorrow, my internet connection at home keeps going out. Stayed tuned for tails of french dipped sandwiches, the man without a nose, the fake oldest house in California and the fire drill at the observatory.

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