Friday, February 15, 2008

I don't need it, but I WANT IT! YSL Star Necklace

Thanks to the girls over at Fashionista for pointing out this star necklace from YSL.

I could never afford it, but if I bought it I would just stare at it all day.

It reminds me of Rainbow Brite and happiness.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Fun T-Shirt Designs

A while back I made a T-shirt for Boyan on Zazzle. Since then four people have purchased the shirt and Zazzle was kind enough to send me a check for royalties. It was only 7 bucks, but hey It's money, right?

In lieu of this Boyan and I decided to upload more shirt designs in hopes that people would buy them. Here is what we came up with:

To see more of our shirt designs visit our zazzle page.

Thursday, February 07, 2008

I don't need it, but I WANT IT! Anna Sui Leggings

What is there to say about this beautiful collection? Anna Sui's new collection is the amalgamation of everything I love: color, print and texture. I wonder how many pairs I can get at $100 a pop.

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Lent Begins

Today is Ash Wednesday, also the first day of Lent. Every year I have given up something substantial, from alcohol to meat. This year I decided to give up something that I feel I have been hooked on for awhile--something I know will be extremely difficult for me to face.

Gossip blogs.

That's right. No more Perez, no more Pink is the New Blog, etc. I will continue to read Jezebel but only those blogs non-celebrity related.

It's going to be really hard! Don't laugh! It's almost an automatic response--I turn on the computer open a browser and type " crtl+T, crtl+t, crtl+T" and on and on and on. I'm truly going to have to train myself to not visit the blogs or pick up a mag at the grocery store.

Please wish me luck with this difficult endeavor.

I was also thinking of giving up carbs, but I like to be realistic.

Xin Nian Kuai Le!

Tomorrow is the first day of Chinese New Year!

We will say 'Goodbye' to the Year of the Pig and 'Hello!' to the Year of the Rat.

It's my year bitches!

I don't need it, but I WANT IT! Behnaz Sarafpour Fall 2008 Ready-to-wear

I don't know what it is about this dress from Behnaz Sarafpour's Fall 2008 Ready-to-wear line, but it just calls to me.

The girls over at Jezebel hated it, but I could just see myself walking down a street in Manhattan wearing this dress with my hair curled, large sunglasses and killer strappy sandals. What do you think?

Loving Lhuillier

Oh New York Fashion week, how I love thee.

I am absolutely smitten by Monique Lhuillier's Fall 2008 Ready-to-wear line.

The colors, the lines, everything is just so beautifully done. I'd buy the whole collection if I could.

Monday, February 04, 2008

Friday, February 01, 2008

Harry Potter Theme Park!?! OMFG!

A Harry Potter edition to Universal Studio's Orlando is set to open in late 2009 or early 2010! I don't think I can wait that long but I am so so SO excited!

Election 2008, You down with GOP?

Yea you know me!

Okay, well maybe you don't and maybe you aren't but let's just do a quick update on how the primaries are going so far.

The field has narrowed a bit since the beginning of the race. Candidates who knew they had no chance have dropped out and left very few candidates left to fight the good fight.

For the Dems:
Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton

For the Republicans:
John McCain, Mike Huckabee, Mitt Romney and Ron Paul

For those of you who know me you probably think I'm a liberal democrat. It's the stereotype for most women of a certain age growing up in a blue state. I hate to break your hearts but, just as George said I would, I find myself aligning myself with the republican party.

WAIT! WAIT! Before you call the lynch mob hear me out.

It all happened back in college, during my American Politics class. One of my professors asked us to take an issue and to argue it from a democrats and republican's perspective. Now, in order to do this I had to do my research and truly find out what each party stood for. Boy was I surprised to find myself agreeing with almost all of the principles of the Republican party! Also to find out that the people in the white house who call themselves Republicans are a farce and don't uphold republican standards what-so-ever!

Support a woman's right to choose? Me too!
Gay Marriage? You bet!
Bringing the Troops home? Yes sirree!

Republicans stand for minimal government involvement in people's private lives. "The best government is that which governs least." Meaning they don't believe it's their right to tell you how to live your life.

The problem today is the people who are in the republican party use the concerns of the socially conservative base to win votes by pushing conservative politics. Don't like taxes, eh? Well then lets cut taxes and print more money! Inflation? What Inflation? I'll just slash the federal interest rate and flood the market with money so more people will borrow and spend! Oppose abortions and gay marriage, well fuck the constitution let's change that shit! Anything to get their base to support them while they continue on their own agenda.

It all makes me sick. But then I look at Barack and Hillary, and truth be told I'm not that excited about the prospects of either of them taking office either. They're playing the game too well. Their words are too well-scripted. The way they make jabs at each other just seems too out of place in what has become a very serious need to find a leader who will lead the country in the right direction. I really want to find a candidate who will speak the truth and fix the economy and bring troops home and let people make decisions for themselves on how to live there lives.

Which is why I'm supporting Ron Paul. Just watch a few of his clips and listen to what he has to say and I'm sure that you will be convinced. I am currently a registered Democrat, but I will not be caucusing next week. I look at Barack and Hillary and see equals--they will both be equally mediocre and equally inspirational to the masses if they are in the white house. Heck, I think it would be great if they were running mates but it doesn't seem like it's going to happen.

Boyan is sure to post some links in the comments section for Ron Paul (he's kind of obsessed, and he can't even vote yet!), so if you're interested please check them out.

Some resources:

Obama says Clinton would be a step back
Ron Paul 2008
Transcript of Last Night's Dem Debate
Transcript of GOP debate at Reagan Library
Clinton, Obama Engage in Bitter Debate

Start Valentines Day depression early this year!

Speaking of not living on the westside...Whitney Matheson over at Pop Candy announced the list of the most romantic cities in the nation. Who was near the top of the list? You'd be surprised, Irvine came in at number four!

But what's depressing is that El Monte and Pomona, the two towns which border West Covina were at the very bottom of the list, along with Salt Lake City, Utah.

Thank God I'm married, or this news would be severely depressing.

Updates on Subway to the Sea

I might not live on the westside these days, but I'm still passionate about the idea of a subway to the sea. Last year at around this time the idea of a Subway to the Sea exploded on the web, and now the L.A. Times reported that the subway to the sea issue is going to be opened to the public. We now have two, that's right TWO different routes to choose from. After looking at them, I find myself agreeing with the general public:

"We thought a lot of people would choose" one route or the other, said Jody Litvak, the MTA spokeswoman for the Westside transit study. "But a lot of people said they're both good and do them both."


Take a look at the map and decide for yourself.

I know some people are weary about the idea, or worry about where the money is going to come from for the project, the L.A. Times itself made sure to state, "The subway project, estimated to cost $5 billion to $7 billion, has no funding and has not undergone a required environmental review. Nor has a new subway been approved by the MTA board, which consists mostly of elected officials and their appointees."

So what does that mean? It means we have to elect those officials who believe in the subway as much as we do. Something needs to be done to alleviate traffic, and soon.