Sunday, March 26, 2006

Picturesque Landscapes and Marshmallow Sandwiches

Just think, in only a few days I'll be here...

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Excuse me, Princess Pup and I demand your attention

What an exciting day. I woke up at 6am to the most magnificent weather. The sun was out and there wasn't a cloud in the sky, it might have been 7:30 in the morning but I practically skipped to my final.

Thats right, Dorothy and toto we're off to see the wizard skipped.

I finished early as per usual (for some reason at my new job everything is "per" something, as "per request," as "per the conversation this morning," as ... well you get the idea. perrrrrr) and decided to go home and pull my bed head fiancee out of the apartment and to the beach.

Shame on me for not chronically the days events as per photos (i'm getting good at it huh? perrr) but the day was so beautiful I don't think photos would do it justice. We went down to the beach, got there at 11:30 stayed for an hour and a half then went to the farmers market (the last they will be having in westwood), and ate yummy tamales and fresh squeezed lemonade. Boyan added yet another bottle of Olive Oil to his growing collection (he has 3 now, plus one I bought for cooking) and we came home to enjoy the rest of the day before he had to go to work at 4pm.

I fell asleep on the beach and got to soak up the sun a little bit. It was nice considering I hadn't been in a bathing suit since last spring break (maybe I'll be darker then the tanorexic girls at wooden, yay!). There were two separate filmings going on, and what seemed to be a dead hobo (he didn't move the entire time we were at the beach, hopefully he was just really really tired). Gotta love LA beaches. I'm just glad I made it home without a hiv-ridden hypodermic needle.

Either way I took a nap at 5ish after watching gilmore girls and lost (g-b-tivo), and woke up feeling like a train hit me. Why is it that sometimes I wake up from naps feeling really hungover? Craziness.

I had a really great day, but what does make the corners of my mouth turn down is the fact that it seems like very few people have made their way over to my little corner of cyber space to read my posts. Its not going over as well as xanga, livejournal and the like had before. I'll just have to traffic some friends over, maybe they'll subscribe to reading my daily rantings. And hopefully comment (I want comments, wah).

Until then I must settle my stomach with something non-meat. Still have quite a bit to go before lent is over, and I needs me some protein. 15 hours till freedom my friends, all I have to say is open book open note final oh yea, spring break I'm on my way.

Until then, enjoy this cute puppy, courtesy of cute overload.

I can't help it, shes just too much. Oh, Princess Pup.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

It wasn't me, I was dead at the time

Bush still stands behind the war in Iraq, now stating that it would be up to his successor to bring the troops home. When Helen Thomas, a reporter who has covered every President since President Kennedy, stated that every reason given for the war in Iraq so far has been a lie and wanted to know the true reason for us being there, Bush shushed her and told her that "No President wants to go to war." This after not calling on her for the past 3 years.

Most journalists claim that bush "passionately" defended the war. The problem is I can't watch Bush during a press conference and not see a Dog, backed into a corner teeth showing, yelping and growling because he's scared out of his wits. He's completely on the Defense, he doesn't seem passionate to me he seems petrified.

The morale of Bush's cabinet is said to be low, his job approval is a mere 37.6%, we have a deficit beyond deficits and soon China will own half of our country through war bonds.

When Fox News announces that approval ratings are 39% you know something is wrong.

Not that the Democrats have done anything about it. A Republican congress along with a Republican President might be enough to scare the shit out of some politians, I just wish some of them would get their tales out of between there legs and do something productive. Clinton almost gets impeached for lying about having sex with Monica Lewinski and Bush lies about Iraq having Weapons of Mass Destruction and we do nothing? Oh wait, we do do something we re-elect him for a second term! And to think our economy was in a Surplus under Clinton's administration.

Watching Bush speak to the press is like watching a Kid trying to tell his parents he didn't do it and now he wants to tell us to be patient. What he's telling us is he put our boys in Iraq without an exit strategy. He says "It will be decided by future presidents and future governments of Iraq."

I like what my George W. said best, (my stepdad if you didn't know)
"Why do the Bush's alway leave it for the Clinton's to clean up?"

It just got worse

If it wasn't bad enough with the Leaf Blowers on Monday
On Wednesdays they like to drag the garbage cans to the street for disposal
Then after the garbage truck comes to pick them up
They leave them there, so I get to move them before I go to work
I hope I don't smell of trash

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Leaf Blowers, Lawn Mowers and Ice Cream Cones

Sometimes you wake in peace
Sometimes you are jolted from
sleep by sound or movement
Sound is the worst.

The whirling and chopping,
clearing the leaves and
trimming the grass
Calculated Nature

The Mexicans rise at 6am to cut my leaves
and all I can do is curse the hour
Its just on Mondays, disturbed on Mondays.
But not today, today I wanted sleep.

The scene playing out ICE CREAM
flavors like teeth and grass and 19.99
Whats that supposed to mean?
Not quite enough for 20?

White dresses Persian store owners
Satin shoes in white and blue
Not baby blue not that dull tone
But Royal blue isn't it striking?
Like Hilary Clinton she says.

Lay in bed hoping the whirling and cutting
And Blowing and Mariachi bands will leave
You in peace. But coffee calls.
To be woken up by drips and dribbles
Warm sensations Caffeine temptations.
Time to get up, 19.99.

Monday, March 20, 2006

An Introduction

It is time for calculated abandon.

LiveJournal and Xanga have served their purpose but recent inflitration by google outsiders has hastened the time for change and the much anticipated creation of a Blog.

Here I will post my scribbles, my rants and daily mishaps.

Petals in the Dirt.