Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Leaf Blowers, Lawn Mowers and Ice Cream Cones

Sometimes you wake in peace
Sometimes you are jolted from
sleep by sound or movement
Sound is the worst.

The whirling and chopping,
clearing the leaves and
trimming the grass
Calculated Nature

The Mexicans rise at 6am to cut my leaves
and all I can do is curse the hour
Its just on Mondays, disturbed on Mondays.
But not today, today I wanted sleep.

The scene playing out ICE CREAM
flavors like teeth and grass and 19.99
Whats that supposed to mean?
Not quite enough for 20?

White dresses Persian store owners
Satin shoes in white and blue
Not baby blue not that dull tone
But Royal blue isn't it striking?
Like Hilary Clinton she says.

Lay in bed hoping the whirling and cutting
And Blowing and Mariachi bands will leave
You in peace. But coffee calls.
To be woken up by drips and dribbles
Warm sensations Caffeine temptations.
Time to get up, 19.99.

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