Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Lent Begins

Today is Ash Wednesday, also the first day of Lent. Every year I have given up something substantial, from alcohol to meat. This year I decided to give up something that I feel I have been hooked on for awhile--something I know will be extremely difficult for me to face.

Gossip blogs.

That's right. No more Perez, no more Pink is the New Blog, etc. I will continue to read Jezebel but only those blogs non-celebrity related.

It's going to be really hard! Don't laugh! It's almost an automatic response--I turn on the computer open a browser and type " crtl+T, crtl+t, crtl+T" and on and on and on. I'm truly going to have to train myself to not visit the blogs or pick up a mag at the grocery store.

Please wish me luck with this difficult endeavor.

I was also thinking of giving up carbs, but I like to be realistic.

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