Thursday, November 08, 2007

God I Miss Westwood

I miss L.A.

Really, I never thought I would find myself saying this but I do.

The feeling of walking down the street with the throngs of other people, adding to the pulse of the city. Having a place to go, a thing to do and people to see.

It's different in West Covina. It's suburban. You drive everywhere. It's less diverse.

Then little things like sitting at a cafe and having a latte, no knowing where to go to get a nice manicure, or being able to meet up with friends because you live 30 miles away.

It's a lot quieter here, If I didn't know who I was, I would probably get lost.

Alright enough of that. Things I miss from Los Angeles:

1. People: People on the streets, people speaking english, spanish, farsi (yes, farsi) people asking for money, directions, recommendations. Just people.

2. Food: I'd really like to find a place where I could have a nice sandwich and fresh salad. I'm sick of boba and ramen.

3. Shopping: I'm not trying to be materialistic, but I miss shopping. Not that I shopped a lot when I was in L.A. but I miss the opportunity of shopping. I miss Flax, in Westwood. I miss third street promenade, the Century city mall. I miss NICE stores (the mall here has a mervyns, yes I know I'm a snob). I miss Zara and Mango and H&M. I miss Borders! The closest borders is 12 miles away! I miss Traders Joes and Whole Foods (closest are 15 miles away).

4. I miss walking.

5. Friends, or running into friends, or being that friend that people visit when they come to L.A. or meeting up friends for happy hour.

6. My old apartment, its bright green walls.

But I am determined to like my new home. Now, if I just had time to get out and find something to like. Something besides being 5 miles away from an IKEA.

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