Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Life is hard at Google

I came across this job posting on MediaBistro, and decided that life is way too hard for google employees.

Yes they actually posted this:

"Google employees have a wide variety of interests both inside and outside Google. We strive to design a unique benefits package that helps Googlers balance their busy lives and allow them to focus on the things they love to do. To that end, the Benefits group has developed a wide variety of comprehensive programs to meet the various needs of our diverse population. Among the programs we offer at our U.S. headquarters include a world-class children's center, a wellness center with on-site physicians, four full-service fitness centers and massage services. We also provide gourmet meals, car wash and laundry services along with many other on-site services. All of these are offered are in addition to our top-tier health plans and a generous 401(k) matching program."

Now are they actually posting this on MEDIABISTRO because they need a massage therapist or because they are trying to promote the company to other job seekers on the site?

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