Friday, November 02, 2007

Train kills women, stiletto's to blame

In what they are calling a "freak train accident" two young women, 18 and 23 were killed when their car got stuck on the train tracks.

Apparently when they exited the vehicle they had difficulty walking through the gravel in their heels and out of harms way.

First of all, how pitiful is this photo? Is this really the best they could do? It looks like the cover of some cheap murder/mystery mass market thriller. The only thing that could make it worse would be if they put some fake blood on the heel. Disgusting. Second, how did their car get stuck on the tracks (or near the part off the tracks where there is gravel, aren't most railway crossings on the road)? Third, why didn't they kick off their shoes so they could scramble out of the way? Were they wearing Manolo Mary Janes?

Maybe the title of this article shouldn't be "Train kills women, stiletto's to blame" but "Train kills women, stupidity to blame." Or "Train kills women, Carrie Bradshaw to blame."


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