Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Adventures in Publishing

My good friend Nikki, with whom I worked at Regan Books has told me she may or may not be interviewing for the position of Anna Wintour's assistant. Yes, the Devil Wears Prada position. She worked for Judith I suppose she can work for Anna. Either way, our thoughts and prayers are with you Nikki.

Borat, that loveable hug able Kazakh is going to be at my Borders tonight. :::sigh::: All signs that I quit working there (and moved from Westwood) too soon.

Some guy spent a year of his life ascribing to the 700 rules written in the old and new testament and wrote a book about it. Making me ponder ideas for my own stunt memoir. Any suggestions?

Lastly it's National Novel Writing Month, reminding people like me that people who have no talent and ambition are doing what we should be doing and are too lazy to do. Brarg.

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