Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Airport Security, and How to Offend Them Properly

Remember the time I went to Bulgaria and tried to bring a two-hundred-dollar bottle of Cognac in my carry-on? Remember how we got stopped by security who told us they'd have to confiscate it?

Ok, now, remember how I offended the security officer by telling him to take it, 'cause he was going to drink it anyway, and he got pissed-off, and made us wait in the bomb check to see if our bottle of cognac was liquid explosives?

Well fuck that guy.

Turns out the security guards don't take the items for themselves, oh no, they wouldn't do that.


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NutCracker said...

The war on terror has been a good income booster for many. To whose who profit from the suffering of the 9/11 victims and the dying soldiers and innocent Iraqis I want to say:
I really hope there's Heaven up there, and when you try to enter it one day I will make sure I volunteer as bouncer at the door. I will look at you and smile. I will not check your soul for bombs, but I will kick you right in the ass all the way to Satan. May you burn in hell!