Friday, October 12, 2007

Shameful Obession Confession

I am such a sucker for bad T.V. I can't help but watch shows like Gilmore Girls, Rock of Love, Grey's Anatomy! I know, I know it's awful but I just LOVE this stuff. Most recently, the show I look forward to the most (after the Office, obviously) is Gossip Girl.

Now, I never read any of the books (ok, I read one but I was at camp and desperate for something to read so I borrowed it from a 14-year-old camper) but the show is enthralling!!!

The actors on the show are gorgeous! Penn Badgley, the character who plays Dan Humprey is a Justin Theroux knock-off and only two years younger than me, so I don't feel like a total perv (and how hot is the name Penn? droool...).

The girls in the show Blake Lively and especially Leighton Meester are stunning.

The CW did a great job casting and whoever did wardrobe is a GENIUS. The clothes on the show are just fantastic--all from a designer named Lorick. All very vintage, super feminine, beautiful color palate and fun prints! All of my favorite things! Below are two looks from her recent collection.


What better reasons to watch a show? Good actors, great drama and beautiful clothes! What more can a girl ask for on a Wednesday night?

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