Monday, October 29, 2007


When facebook execs aren't busy taking their shirts off...they're allowing their employees free reign to troll people's profiles, check out whose profile's other people have been checking, and just overall violate people's privacy.

Valleywag reported today that facebook employees were using their admin access and "Looking at restricted profiles to check out dates. Seeing which profiles a user had viewed. And, in one case, allegedly logging onto a user's account, changing her profile picture to a graphic image, and sending faked messages. Oh, and don't dare ask a Facebooker about any claims of misbehavior -- they'll report you to customer service for "harassment." Facebook may have sophisticated privacy controls. But they don't appear to be deployed at headquarters."

Can't these people get a life? Yuck.

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Gabriela said...

Unfortunately this problem appears in many sites of this type. Facebook is just one of the cases I could quote.
Give one man a power and see what he is capable of ...