Thursday, October 11, 2007

Make $ Buy Pretty Clothes

The spring lines are out and my propensity for reading blogs such as Jezebel and Fashionista (I know, don't judge me) has also led me to discover some of the prettiest things out this season. It seems like everything is super futuristic and super feminine which, sounds like fun to me!

I'm all about the bright colors, bows, big patterns, pockets and super structured types of things. Here are four pieces I saw that I find myself drooling over.

Prada, I love this mixed patterned look. To some it may be busy and frantic but I rove it!

Fendi, How cool is this!

Elie Saab, I saw this dress first on Fashionista. I love this color and the form of the dress would be super flattering.

Elie Saab, I really like the whole line and this dress (though it could do for a better neckline) has a beautiful print with an artsy color combination that's to die for.

I also noticed some pretty crazy shoes out there. Jezebel made mention of it and referenced the NY times. I could definitely see myself wearing these:

But the rest are just too much for me. What do you think? I think, I can't wait for season 4 of Project Runway to start in November! And, that, I need to win the lottery to afford some of this stuff.

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