Thursday, October 11, 2007

Happy Birthday to Me!

FINALLY! I'm 23. It seems like I have been waiting to be 23 my entire life! Think of all the things I can do now! It's so exciting!

Enough for sarcasm-- I actually had a very fun birthday. All of my very close friends came over and had brunch for dinner!

Sitting down to brunch...for dinner. From the left: Joanish, Ailissa, Natasha, Janea, Stephanie, Britta and Iva. More pictures of the dinner party below

After we ate we decided it was time for some trivia!

Here is me giving Boyan look, or rather the look I always give him when he annoys me.

AFTER trivia it was time for DUET KARAOKE! Mostly Broadway and oh yea, some TLC.

Ailissa and Tanya started it off, but I had to use the "It's my birthday bitches do as I say!" to get them to sing.

Somehow Tanya ended up on the floor.

Here is me doing my best Belle from Beauty in the Beast impression.

My birthday party ended up being a blast! We had a great dinner and a lot of fun joking around and recounting old times.

I ended up drinking too much--the next day my head felt as if there was a knife being shoved into my brain stem while being pressed together by a vice. This last drink, what I called, "The Hot Chocolate Kiss," was more like my kiss of death.

One part Hot chocolate, one part vodka and baileys--all topped with Whipped Cream.

Not the best idea after having a tom collins, mint julep, bloody mary and mimosa but hey, you only turn 23 once right!


Britta said...

Yup. Definitely the "Kiss of Death". How else do you explain trying to blow up an air mattress with a blowdryer?

ke said...

I still attest to this day that I have, in the past, used a blow dryer to blow up an air mattress and that it does indeed work.