Monday, October 29, 2007

My So-Called Life Marathon, like now.

A newly released MSCL DVD box set is being released tomorrow. Who is going to come over and swoon over Jordan Catalano with me?

ME: you know what is getting released tomorrow?
Mom: Wow! I remembered you really liked this
ME: yea!!!!!
ME: it dealt with so many important things
ME: sex
ME: homosexuality
ME: teenage angst
Mom: in 1994 you were 10
ME: well I related to it
ME: I was mature for my age!

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Di said...

I came across your blog about my-so called life and I agree completely. It wasn't just a show it somehow became a part of your own life and adolesence. Beautiful stuff. Although it didn't last long, I am glad we had it...if only for a while. Anyway, I really like your blog-thing. keep it up champ.