Thursday, July 12, 2007

A Whole New You!

You ever wonder what type of people spent countless hours as alter egos online? Or just how true to self the characters they spent tireless hours creating are? Andrew Sullivan covered this really interesting slide show from the NYTimes with side by side comparisons of people and their avatars. Some of these people spend more that 50 hours playing their games per week.

Lets see, 40 hour work week, 55 hours of play time, 168 hours in a week...that leaves 69 hours per week, 9 hours per day of spare time to sleep, eat and do other things.

Why is it that these images come to mind....


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squishypaws said...

i've played that much for maple story but i usually like to keep my characters true to life.

but there are plenty of boys who play as girls so other boys will buy them things in the game. and some girls play as boys so that when their significant other decides to join them, they will already be caught up or they're sick of boys hitting on them.