Tuesday, July 03, 2007

But I rike it....

Some have accused me of having a quirky sense of style. Joan often says I think I have the ability to pull off crazy styles (but can't...). She's my authority when I go shopping. If Joan says no, its gotta go.

One day when I have beaucoup dollars I'll buy fabulous clothes and be a fashion icon. Then all the crazy ideas I have in my head will manifest themselves in my wardrobe and people will understand me....

ANYWAYS What started me on this rant was a picture of Eva Green at the Dior show this week.

Now, I know what you are thinking, but I kinda really LOVE this dress. It's crazy, its busy, its pink (I don't LOVE pink but it works here) and seems to be a fusion of a Christmas tree, tissue paper and a chinese qipao.

The design on the bottom is so rich and fantastical, it makes me think of vintage Christmas ornaments and fairy tales.

Maybe that's my problem I think of clothes in a literary way--anyways I could gobble this gown up in a second I think it's fantastic.

I applaud Eva Green for wearing such a unique dress to the Dior show (although she's French and probably thinks it's a piece of art, or a statement...or something "It tis art, I dun give a fook vhat chu sink...stupid ameriCANS HISSS")

I could leave the shoes though. They look like some sort of serpentine creature is crawling up her legs on their way to devour her body.

By the way, I could totally pull this off. WITH the shoes.

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squishypaws said...

i'd wear the shoes. but crazy shoes like that need an understated outfit.

i think you can pull off crazy styles!!! what!?!?