Tuesday, July 24, 2007


I know, I know I've been absent--but I'm very excited to be back and excited that people responded to my Lurkers post! Here is what has been happening since last I wrote:

The Decemberists and LA Philharmonic at the Hollywood Bowl
Overall I think they did a really good job. The LA Phil was a little overpowering--it was hard to hear the rest of the band with such a loud accompaniment but they played "The Tain," and "Los Angeles, I'm Yours," so I was happy. I got video of the latter but the quality is really poor (because our seats were so far away)

Dress Fitting
Yay! I finally had my first fitting for my wedding dress--which turned out magnificently. I am so excited and I have my second fitting next Saturday. I took a few pictures but obviously I can't share them here because A. That would ruin the element of surprise and B. Boyan might stumble upon it and we all know that's bad luck! I will tell you that it turned out exactly how I wanted and even better. Now I just have to buy the gloves and shoes and other fun stuffs. Oh! and I'm thinking of renting some jewelry, any suggestions of where to start?

Biggest Loser Almost Over

Our final weigh-in is on Friday and although I could have done a better job during the past eight weeks of going to the gym and eating healthy I don't think i'll fare that bad. I already have plans of going to Meltdown on friday to celebrate with a big grilled cheese sandwich. Mmm....cheese.

Mom's horseback riding adventure
I took my Mom horseback riding for her birthday at the Huntington Central Park Equestrian Center and had a grand old time. Apparently the Equestrian center is open to the public--so if you are a horse lover you can walk around and visit the different horses in the stable whenever you want. Afterwards we went to Alice's Breakfast in the Park--a very small very quaint little restaurant on the lake in Huntington. I didn't even know they HAD a central park but they do and it's very large. They have tons of land for people to walk their dogs, go fishing etc. The restaurant itself was cluttered with fun ornaments, dolls, and unique wall hangings--just my kind of eccentric atmosphere. To top it all off the pancakes were absolutely delicious (this coming from someone who doesn't like pancakes).

Bulgaria or Bust!
It's almost about time for me to hop across the pond for my big fat Bulgarian wedding and I am so excited! It looks as if I'm going to have a few friends there as well as Joan, Britta, Ruth and Louis are all planning on heading over to celebrate with me. My goals before I go to Bulgaria are as follows: 1. Save money for shopping 2. Buy presents for Boyan's family 3. Learn more Bulgarian or Oshte Bulgarski!

Reading, So much Reading

This has been a summer full of books! Since my last posting on what I was reading I've read the entire Philip Pullman's Dark Materials series, the newest Jane Green book (which I am planning on writing a review of, not a very good review) The Great Gatsby and now I am reading Jane Eyre. I didn't have to read it for school--and after watching the PBS Masterpiece theatre version of the story I decided I wanted to read it. The movie is very well done and has been nominated for several emmys, I definitely suggest you watch it if you can. The book has been very enjoyable, not at all as hard to read or boring as I had imagined it would be when I was in high school. After that I am planning on re-reading the Lord of the Rings trilogy, finish the Ender's game series, and reading King Lear in preparation for the arrival of the RSC and Sir Ian McKellan in October!

That is all for now, I have some reviews I want to write up--I'll try my best to get those up as soon as possible!


squishypaws said...

i want grilled cheese...

dood. alex lives right next to that equestrian park.

Gabriela said...

Hi Krisserin:-)
About the jewels - choose something that you like and that makes you feel ok, because you know.. all those luxury and tasteless things are so unnecessary - the most important is how you feel!
As I see you learn quite fast the Bulgarian:-)
Mnogo celuvki i do skoro;-)

Gabriela Bratoeva

ke said...

Lets go to Alice's in the park and have pancakes they are so good. And if you are ever in L.A. during the lunch hours you have to go to Meltdowm, its so yummy. I got the Market melt which has goat cheese, grilled veggies, pesto and carmelized onions...mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

ke said...

I'm trying hard to learn as much bulgarian as possible before we leave but I need to try a whole lot harder. Boyan isn't very much help though--he's impatient and yells at me =(

So far as the jewels I totally don't want to spend money on stuff I'll only wear once that's why I figure I'll rent it. Mariana said she'll let me borrow earrings so now all I have to get is a necklace. =) Mnogo Celuvki Gabriela!

Pedro Prasil said...

Hi Ke,
Well, I'll not be a lurker anymore, lol!
I loved to see that u wrote a lot.
But the cheese sandwich...ohhhh!
i saved the picture here, lol.
it seems delicious.
Hugs and see u soon!