Sunday, January 21, 2007

Hillary in 2008

Media outlets are going wild over Hillarys annoucement that she will be running for President in 2008.

Personally I don't know what all the huff is about considering she has been building funds and preparing for a Presidential campaign since 2006.

Boyan immediately asked me if I was going to vote for her, and not to sound like a traitor to the Democratic party, or some sort of anti-feminist-- but I had to reply that I wasn't sure.

At this point in America's history I do believe it's time for a women to be in the white house. I also believe its time for us to have a black president-- but that doesn't mean I'm going to vote for either because of their gender or ethnicity. Voting for either Hillary or Barack in 2008 based solely on these reasons would mean America was placing them in the white house due to the shear novelty of having them there.

The country is so divided and it's foreign relations are so precarious that settling for the "lesser of the evils" as we have done in 2000 and 2004 (well, if you voted Democrat anyways,) or voting based on the reasons outlined above would be completely irresponsible.

Why can't we get a candidate that wants to do what's best for the country. One that will try to unite the country under the banner of bi-partisanship? Hillary's speeches give me the feeling that she is building herself up for fame-- is she too concerned with being the first Woman president that she would forget to be a good President to begin with?

Is Barack playing his cards too safe in trying to placate both sides of party lines? McCain has shown what a lily liver he can be when pressure is placed on him with his bullshit condemnation of Kerry after a joke went awry. Who is going to stand up and be the President the country needs?

I'm not going to vote on novelty, I want a President who will stand up for the country-- give faith to it's citizens and do right by our foreign neighbors. There was a time in history when a President was a man who people felt they could trust, a person who they knew would act in the best interest of the nation. I want to vote for someone like that, and not settle for the leftovers.

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Janea said...

um... couldn't agree more. granted, i'm not in america, but i've heard nothing about the politics of the election. mainly just the shock value of the potential candidates in a time when all america needs is a solid political figure... if such a thing exists.