Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Get on the Bus!

I did! It's true! This one in fact.

I awoke earlier than usual yesterday morning-- and with determination I marched my way over to Ackerman Union to get the the #6 bus heading towards LAX to work. I got to there on time-- it took me 30 minutes to get to Culver City and I read 15 pages of Virginia Woolf's' The Waves on the way.

The annoyance of traffic was lifted off my shoulders for a mere 75 cents as I relaxed to and from work. I even got a work out walking to the bus stop from my office and home. It's a win win situation and you feel good for doing it. So do it! Get on the bus!!!


squishypaws said...

i couldn't let surveyors be the only comments.

hi. :D

grunt. i like your blog.
i'll ride the bus with you.

Janea said...

i rather enjoy the bus... in fact, i sometimes wish it were a longer journey to work so that i could read a bit more

Boyan said...

:) bravo bebo!
i am proud