Monday, June 01, 2009

The 2009 Twilight Movie Awards

I feel it necessary to comment on a history-making event that occurred last night, because in a world where GM is filing for bankruptcy, and Air France flights are going missing across the Atlantic, it's important to take time to consider important matters, like how Twilightastic were the MTV Movie Awards last night?

I feel compelled to comment on the movie-awards for some reason, so here we go.

There were a few things that really stuck in my mind from last night:

1. The MTV Movie Awards are now the place to tease your summer blockbuster.
Here are a list of the movies I remember which premiered "exclusive" clips of their upcoming releases:
G.I. Joe
Transformers Revenge of the Fallen
Twilight: New Moon
Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince
2. The Twilight Movie Awards
These movie awards were serious Twilight overload. Twilight cast members swept every category they were nominated for, including Kristen Stewart's win for Best Actress over oscar winners Kate Winslet. Overall Twilight Mentions include:
1. Twilight scene in the intro credits.

2. Robert Pattinson was the first celebrity shown in the crowd as Andy Samberg walked on stage before his opening number, and was by far the most paned to celebrity in the audience.

3. Andy Samberg saying "If you played Edward Cullen throw your hands in the air" in the beginning number.

4. Andy Samberg just saying the word "Twilight" before introducing a presenter as a "bet."

5. Jim Carrey referencing "the good-looking twilight guy" during his award acceptance

6. If you visit the MTV Awards website, 8 out of 24 pieces of content are Twilight content. That's 30 percent of the page for those of you keeping count at home.

7. Andy Samberg's home-made New Moon trailer

8. Everytime RPatz was on stage they panned to KStew and vice versa.
3. I called almost every winner
Honestly, how rigged are these things? Who even saw "Yes Man" with Jim Carrey? How in gods green earth did I know Miley Cyrus was going to win for best musical performance or whatever the f*ck award she was given? And Ashely Tisdale for best breakthrough? I thought breakthrough awards were given to NEW actors. She was given this award for High School Musical 3 for gods sake.

4. MTV is getting smarter
Andy Samberg said it in the beginning of the show, "Welcome to the MTV Movie Awards, the only awards show that is on tonight!" And what did they do in order to get people to watch? They aired the show right after the season finale of The Hills--which is totally how I got hooked into watching it.

With that being said, here are a few one-offs I'd like to state.
1. I can't believe Twilight won as many awards as they did.

2. I thought Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson's Best Kiss act was really well done.
3. I think Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling did it better.

4. I thought Kristen Stewart sounded less stoner-brat when she accepted her award for Best Actress.

5. And even more stoner brat when she presented the trailer for New Moon.

Could she act any less excited or any more stoned?
6. Eminem looked genuinely upset when this whole charade happened.
But considering that they both have something to promote, I have a feeling it was staged.
Update: Kudos to Eminem for being a good sport.

7. I thought the "Generation Award" given to Ben Stiller was hilarious--I was a little put off by how long Kiefer Sutherland kept up his act. I was also a bit surprised that Ben Stiller took it so well, they pretty much repeated what a terrible actor he was over and over and over again.

That's it. Like I said it was twilight overload, which means I was put in that awkward position of loving and hating it all at the same time.

I would like to mention though, before I sign off, that three out of my top 4 search keywords in the last week were:

Which means my evil plan worked! I know its not a ton of traffic, but it's still pretty funny right?

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