Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Jezebel: "Twilight's Stephenie Meyer Admits Her Writing Sorta Sucks"

Stephenie Meyer was profiled in Vogue, which means all of us Twilight freaks get a chance to grasp at something in between Twilight movie fixes.

It also means that Meyers' critics get another stab at denigrating her writing.

Jezebel isn't a huge fan of Meyer's books, and went so far as to say that Meyer admitted that she "sorta sucks" in the interview. Even if the headline was written to attract clicks I think it goes a step past sensationalism. Sure she's not the greatest writer, but just because she admitted that she's "still an amateur" and "avoided creative writing in college for fear of criticism" doesn't mean she's admitting she sucks.

We might harbor some resentment towards her for putting off writing Midnight Sun "indefinitely," and even I have admitted that I don't think she's an incredibly talented writer (after reading them twice I might add), but I believe that people are just looking for reasons to hate her.

Listen, writing is a hard, tough thing. You expose yourself and put yourself out there for criticism on a mass scale. People tend to pick on Meyer because her books were ridiculously successful. Okay, so she's no James Joyce but she's not claiming to be either. People read her books and connected with them so obviously she's doing something right.

Meyer went on to say, "I'm not critical of others, but I am very critical of myself." Maybe the rest of us can follow her example.


Katie said...

twilight is a peice of shit and stephanie meyers dialoge sucks she cant write. The vampires in her book have nothing to do with real vampire legends i mean come on the sparkle what do they become gay?!!!!!

ke said...

Ahh, that's the beauty of artistic interpretation. If she wants to write that vampires sparkle then let them sparkle. If she wants to write that they are gay let them be gay.