Thursday, February 26, 2009

McDreamy is Raskolnikov

I'm reading Crime and Punishment right now--and don't get me wrong it's an amazing book and I'm really enjoying it--but I really want to be reading Jane Eyre. I came to this realization when I was creating my reading lists from past and present (take a look at the right!), and found the DVD of Jane Eyre featuring Anna Paquin as Young Jane.

I love Anna Paquin, more so now that I'm obsessed with True Blood, and I'd like to re-read the book (one of my favorites) and watch her in the movie to see how she was when she was little (I've seen it once before but I wanna watch it again!).

So, I was looking through amazon for Crime and Punishment (same reason as stated before) and discovered that Patrick Dempsey played Raskolnikov in TV series version of Crime and Punishment! I shit you not. Sir Ben Kingsley was in it too, he played Porfiry. I'm so watching this once I finish the book.

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