Wednesday, March 26, 2008

When did Mitch Hedberg die?

Why wasn't I informed? Mitch Hedberg made my sophomore year of college, how could he die without me ever knowing it happened. What kind of fan am I?

I had discovered his demise from a youtube comment of all things. I thought at first, maybe the commenter was being sarcastic because the clip wasn't some of his funniest lines but then just to be sure I checked his wikipedia page. Sure enough it gave a birth date and death date.

But THEN I thought to myself, Wikipedia isn't reliable. What if someone had changed his info to propagate some sort of prank in which everyone thought he was dead (like tupac and elvis, right?)?

So THEN I went to his website to see his "club dates" and noticed that nothing had been updated since 2005.

It was only until I found the article from the Associated Press about his death that I was convinced.

So I guess I have to concede to the fact that Mitch is dead, and it is sad indeed. Can we all just agree that mixing drugs is a bad business and stay far far away from it?

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