Friday, March 28, 2008

This is why it seems impossible to make a living working as an editor

via the Ed2010 Email Newsletter this week...the tear inducing factoids are highlighted in red.

Whisper Jobs
Ed hears ......that a women's romance magazine based in NYC has an opening for its associate editor position. The associate is responsible for reading all incoming manuscripts, contracting stories, managing all correspondence with writers, and doing some light administrative work. This entry-level position involves a lot of copy-editing, so candidate should have an excellent grasp of the English language and an acute eye for detail. Perfect for a recent college graduate with an English or Journalism degree. The starting salary is $25,000, non-negotiable, with dental and health benefits. Please email cover letter and resume as attachments to (OK to mention Ed)

For even more jobs, go to or click here.

$25,000 for an Associate Editor's position? How is anyone supposed to pay rent let alone eat, drink and buy cigarettes on that salary? Now I understand why people sell out and become Account Executives.

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cadiz12 said...

it's depressing. and the biggest-name publications often pay the lowest. just because they know they can.