Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Au Revoir Stephanie!

So last Friday Boyan and I made the trek all the way to Venice Beach to say goodbye to our dear friend Stephanie, who is moving cross country for bigger and better things in the big apple. Please note that makes 2 friends moving to NYC in one month. No, I'm not bitter. I'm happy for you guys. Really, I am...

We grabbed a drink at James Beach first (I had a Whiskey Highball with Bushmills yum...) and watched UCLA dominate USC in March Madness. Afterwards we headed over to C & O's for some dinner and light political debate (as is always the case with me and Steph). The night ended amicably enough, but Stephanie will be missed.

Now, I know you guys hate my candid photos, but screw you all I think they turned out well.

And Britta, I apologize in advance for the last pic. Love you guys!

Ugg. I take back my previous statement. Britta, could you photoshop my face so that it doesn't look like a pork chop? And maybe paint on a cuter outfit for me?

That's the last time I dress casually to a "dinner-drink" thing for friends. I look like a turd.

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