Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Bill Maher Visits the BM, Hilarity Ensues

Bill Maher took a trip to the Fox Hills Malls right next to my old office at iMedia to ask Mall-goers who they were going to vote for. Barack or 'Billary.' I love the staunch honesty of Maher and how he says exactly what he means. Some of my favorite quotes from the video:

Girl: "You want the honest truth?"
Bill: "No, Bullshit me."
Girl: "I'm going to vote for the black guy cause he's black."

Bill Maher to a young gentlemen who "doesn't pay attention" to politics and doesn't think a "girl" would be a good president.
Bill: "You know what, maybe you're right. You shouldn't vote."

You can watch the video on Jezebel here,

Black Women Choose Barack Over Billary

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