Sunday, June 25, 2006


Well it has been a crazy past two weeks indeed. Interesting things that have happened to me recently are:

1. Got a call from Harper Collins publishing for a job interview at 7:00 a.m. the day of my last final
2. Found out Grandpa was in the Hospital and had to go visit him
3. Finished my internship at LOGO- MTV
4. Walked at the English Departmental Graduation on sunday
5. Interviewed at Harper Collins' Regan Media imprint and got the job (paid internship in flipping awesome office with opportunity for full time job afterwards YAY!)
6. Walked Kjos, a dog that I get paid to walk and got attacked by a dog behind a fence
7. Helped Taleen get Music Editor position at SnMAG, come to find out the new SnMAG offices are in the same building as my new job, just 6 floors down.
8. Spent all day yesterday in a photo shoot for graduation portraits
9. Almost got classes dropped from Late Financial aid payment, had to beg to have them put on hold
10. Lost TiVO remote and life has been in chaos since

And this week so far I have:
1. Start work on Monday at Harper Collins 8:30-5
2. Have to walk Kjos on Monday 5:30-6:30
3. Alexandra's birthday party on Monday 7:00- who knows
4. Start Classes on tuesday
5. Have to figure out loan paper work
6. Cash in my massage gift certificate sometime soon
7. Send announcements (late I know) and print out photos Taleen took

It's a pretty crazy life people.

Anyways, I spent all of yesterday from wake to sleep with Taleen, galavanting around town taking photos which turned out great and will be posted at my earliest convience, and will probably be seen on facebook/myspace much sooner. =)

Tip of the day:
If you have time, head down to Jinky's cafe, locations in Sherman Oaks, WeHo on the sunset trip and 2nd street in Santa Monica. It is open from 7:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. They serve mostly breakfast but have the most amazing green tea you can imagine, and the prices are affordable. Just don't get the lousiana sausage. It tastes like hot dog.