Monday, June 26, 2006

Political Violence

I was really excited to take this class, hoping I would be learning about violence in regards to protests, and south american terrorism- come to find out the focus of the class will be on terrorism experienced by America.


You know a class is going to be bad when:

1. "There will also be an in-class simulation of a terrorist incident in
which students will play the roles of terrorists, victims, media, and government officials. This will allow students to experience some of the dilemmas that arise for the major participants during a terrorism crisis."

2. Term paper is worth 40% and Final worth 60%

3. "Outside scholarly sources [for the term paper] are NOT Internet or Worldwide Web (WWW) sources"
(seriously who has ever heard of such a thing, no wiki? are you kidding?)

3. There is one required text, and of course, it is written by the Professor.

Why do Poli Sci profs have to be so lame?

The only upside I can see is that his book got good reviews on
Well, here's hoping.

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