Thursday, June 29, 2006

The Devil and my new Boss

Yesterday the mood in the office was that of hurried anxiety. Boxes full of books were lifted and re-organized, everything made to be perfectly asthetic with the arrival of the famed women whose office I began working in this week.

Little did I know when I stepped into my new job, an imprint of Harper Collins what I was getting myself into.

The woman who Vanity Fair has called a "foul mouthed tyrant," will be making her first appearance in the office today, and pre-empting her arrival people have already warning me that I will be cursed at and things could be hurled at me in a moment of rage.

So I found myself becoming scared. Scared of a woman who weilded enough power and authority that publications all around the world have blasted her for her outrageousness and drive.

Then I thought, shame on me.

If I go into that office on friday scared of my new boss, afraid of a little cursing and yelling then I have already let her win. Shame on me for thinking less of a woman who people label a bitch and a tyrant. The women quotes Patton and proclaims herself a warrior. She uses everything and anything she can to be successful. Sure she may go too far, but the media goes to far and I shouldn't judge her based on what other people say before I meet her.

I can learn a lot from this women. What works, what can be improved.

I plan to come to work early, stay late, work my ass of and gain some respect from my peers.

A former writer and lover of hers said:
"She is brash, very assertive, extremely demanding, and talks like a man…. But you know what? Sometimes it takes a person like that to get things done."

Sounds a little bit like someone I know. We'll see how this works out.

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