Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Neko Case is a goddess

Neko Case

Burning red hair atop a pale face and placid blue eyes. Oh, what I would give to be painted with her pallet.

I adore Neko Case, and if you can get your hands on her "Live from Austin, TX" album you should because it is life-altering. I have yet to pick up her newest album, "Middle Cyclone," but what I've heard on KCRW (Jason Bentley plays This Tornado Loves You at the start of Morning Becoming Eclectic almost everyday. By the way, what happened to Nic?!?!) I liked.

Anyways, the A.V. Club interviewed her, and you can read it here.


MattyRoss said...

Nic's been gone for a while. Took me a bit to warm up to Jason Bentley, but he's pretty rockin. Did a nice job at SXSW. First time visit to this blog. Good work, lady.

EdoRiver said...

I see you're reading one of Joseph Campbell's books. I have kept Hero with a 1000 faces on my book shelf all these years. Still from time to time I take it out and read a few chapters. However I don't agree with Prof. Campbell's conclusions that he comes to, in each of his books. That the myths that cultures create, have some kind of transcendental power in themselves. This just isn't scientific. He does a great job, matched by no one that I know of, of catagorizing and analyzing the myths of various cultures. I guess after all that work he felt he had climbed the mountain top to say that now he knew some before hidden truth. What he wants to say and what his evidence reveals are two different things, IMHO