Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Lolita, Lo-lita, Loli-ta...ad nauseum

I finally finished reading/listening to Lolita. And while the books was amazingly well-written, I found myself at the end of the journey completely sick of the book. I even found Jeremy Irons' voice annoying after awhile. And, considering how much I admire Mr. Irons, I think that says a lot.

How is anyone supposed to read this book and not be completely appalled and chaffed by Humbert Humbert's ad nauseum obsession with Dolly. I was counting down the seconds till the book was over. But, with that being said, I admit that I'm very glad to have read Lolita, and will in the future pick up one of Nabokov's books that doesn't focus on manic desires for the unattainable and grotesque.

If one exists.

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