Friday, June 13, 2008

Your Dream Wedding

I've been writing Quixotic postings lately haven't I? Oh is another one.

Everyone has a dream wedding. Even if you are married and had a fantastic time at your reception, in the back of your mind since you were young you had an idea of how the perfect evening would go for you. I thought I would share mine.

I'm a big fan of banquet tables and small parties, open spaces and live music. For the reception I'd like a big table, kind of like what they do at the Endless Feast.

I'd also like it to be at night. Lots of small lights would sparkle in the trees around the dinner table. There would be hanging candles, crystals and flowers in them as well.

I'd want good food and dancing. Friends and Family. It sounds perfect.

I've already had two weddings, but I'd love to have a third for my friends and family in the U.S. who couldn't make it to Bulgaria last year. So, maybe sometime in the future. We'll see...

How do you picture your perfect wedding?

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