Thursday, June 12, 2008

Ruth's Bachelorette Weekend!

Julie (Ruth's Maid of Honor) gathered together Ruth's closest friends from past and present to celebrate her impending wedding with a Spa weekend!

Tiffany, Olivia, Ruth and Julie in the Vineyards

Julie reserved two villas at the South Coast Winery in Temecula, and we made the trip down for a weekend of sun bathing, spa treatments and lots and lots of wine.

The venue was extremely picturesque--the winery thrives on the very profitable wedding industry resulting in 360 degrees of photo opportunities.

click to enlarge

Like I said, the venue was manufactured to make money off the wedding industry. Everything ended up feeling very fake--disneylandesque if you will. The food, the spa treatments, the service was all below par. A few of us even got sick from our fancy dinner on Saturday night.

But then we eventually felt better.

Better enough to do prompts anyways.

Britta made us these awesome hoodies that had all of our nicknames on them.

The chinese on the back is the date of the wedding. The flowers are calla lilies which are in Ruth's bouquet.

Then of course the theme of the event on the bottom.

Here are a few more pictures during dinner.

Natasha, Ausra, Ruth, Me and Britta.

The whole group (minus Olivia): Tiffany, Britta, Ausra, Ruth, Tash, Julie and Me.

We ended the weekend with a few more photos.

Nikon vs. Canon

And a few jumping photos because Ruth said it was required.

Pro Gymnastics Skillz...I has them. Amateur Photoshop skillz. I has them too.

The whole weekend was a blast. It was so great to see Ruth again and I can't wait to go to Chicago in August for her wedding!

Pro Gymnastics Skillz...I haz them. Amateur Photoshop skillz. I haz them too.

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Britta said...

That was such a fun weekend! Of course you picked the 2 most unattractive prompt photos to! We're a matching bunch of hot messes, aren't we?

It just goes to prove that if you give a girl a tiara, a pedicure and a bottle of Riesling, she can pretty much conquer the world! ;)