Friday, April 17, 2009

A time to read and a time to write

I have this rule, that when I'm working on a story I'm not allowed to read a book. I believe there is a time for reading, and a time for writing, and that the mixing of the two can be disastrous. I don't want what I'm working on to be affected by what I'm reading, and usually the distraction of getting caught up in a book makes it near impossible for me to get back to work.

WELL. After discovering that I need to write double what I already have written to finish my book (I will pull ten more chapters out of the ether so help me), the overwhelming thought of having to add more to a story I feel I have completed has stunted my progress. I know where I need to go in and add more but I feel like I need time, like a full 12 hour day to accomplish that, and as we have discussed previously, I don't have that time right now. So instead of chipping away at the small revisions I can do, I picked up a new book and lost myself in it.

I Capture the Castle by Dodie Smith (she's known for writing 101 Dalmatians, I Capture the Castle was also made into a movie but isn't as popular) was truly enthralling. Her descriptions, her narrative voice and her refusal to acquiesce to what the reader would want was spectacular. I love a book that doesn't give into a predictable plot line. You root for these eccentric characters, and you feel their misfortunes. I loved it, it was brilliant and I would recommend it wholeheartedly.

Now that I've finished that, I'm determined to do what little revisions I can until I can sit down for an extended period of time to write the new chapters. The problem with adding more content is that I haven't imagined more. I have to let my creative juices flow so I can manifest something completely new and unplanned, which is much more difficult than writing something that, in my mind, I've already mapped out.

I printed it out what I already have, (all 157 pages of it) and I'm going to go through and do more edits the old school way. Wish me luck.


Jetpacks said...

157 single spaced?

ke said...

I believe it's double spaced. Around 43,000 words.

Jetpacks said...

I'm at around that as well currently - can't stop writing and it's interfering with my job!