Saturday, June 02, 2007

"Some girls are covered in diamonds,

Some girls are covered in poils..."

Right now I'm covered in puppy hair but that's beside the point.

I am now, officially on my way to a wedding in Bulgaria. Last week we bought plane tickets and today my mother and I went on the hunt for the perfect fabric for my wedding dress.

The hunt led us to Fabric Land in Orange where we picked up Vanilla dream satin, a champagne colored sash and last but definitely not least French imported double stitched cream lace.

I'm in heaven.

Next weekend I go in to get measured and to work out the details with my seamstress.

Besides that I'm looking for venues for next year. Below are the ones I'm planning on making field trips to:

Padua Theatre in Claremont
Kindred Garden Community Church in Anaheim
Oak Meadows in Temecula

So hopefully if all things go right I'll be covered in French Lace in September and smelling of vodka. I can't wait.

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squishypaws said...

i pick oak meadows. its prettyful. although...i'm not sure where temecula is. o_O