Monday, September 18, 2006

Getting myself into trouble again

I have decided by means of severe self-deprecation that I have a large mouth and must censor myself from here on out in order to keep my ass out of trouble. My friends would argue that my bombastic attitude and spunk is the reason why I have endeared myself to them but alas if I am to get anywhere in the business world, for now, I must attempt to proceed with increased decorum and tact.

Unfortunately for me I have suffered for my severity, but no more I say, NO MORE! My friends a new and reformed me is on the way. I will smile when my large work load gets shoved up my ass to make room for more and respond with a smile and "Thank you ma'am may I have another? And can I get you tea while I am at it?"

It is decidedly so.

But do not fret my blogs will be just as explosive as will my foul mouthed tirades continue when I leave the professional atmosphere.

As of 8:30 a.m. (PST) I will be turning in my last college paper. The grand finale of 4.5 years of UCLA education propelling me into a world of the unknown. No more late night Denny's or all nighters in the name of educational enlightenment. The only writing I will be doing will encompass work and recreation. Hopefully I will have the time to do the things I've wanted to do such as go to the gym and write for myself.

As of 8:30 a.m. my Post- baccalaureate life begins. Wish me well, well-wishers. Ciao UCLA.

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