Thursday, April 19, 2007


You know it's bad when your boss tells you that you've been neglecting your here I am with updates.

I haven't been doing much, but this is what is new.

In music, I have been listening to:
Kate Walsh
Postal Service
Emily Haines

In books I just finished reading:
Speaker for the Dead
A Crazy Little Thing Called Death

I made this shirt for boyan

...for his birthday. If you get its meaning then points for you.

The boy got TWO cakes! He doesn't even like cake. The first was red velvet (the frosting had glitter on it, I've never heard of such a thing) the second was a chocolate cookie monster from Joan.


Both the BBQ my parents threw and the party we had last night were so much fun. Here are some fun pics from last night.

left: Joan spilled something in Boyan's eye. right: She's 5ft, He's 6'7"

Joan was about to beat up Efka. She's small but she's scrappy.

Boyan and me at the end of the evening...we were tired.

Beyond that next week I travel to San Francisco for the Ad:tech conference which promises to offer lots of excitement. Plus San Francisco is one of my top five favorite cities. After Newark.


Nanette said...

1. Those cakes look yummy, especially the Cookie Monster!

2. You have tall and short friends.

3. Have fun next week! :)

squishypaws said...

i look psycho but that's all good in the hood.

le faceboook!

i'd go to sf. poonani.

Brad said...

You like NEWARK more than San Francisco? Ummm.... why?