Thursday, March 22, 2007

Happy St. Patricks Day!

I love St. Patricks Day, not just because it's an excuse to drink Bushmills and Guinness, not because it gives me the chance to blast flogging molly or brag of my Irish ancestry. Simply because I get to wear my favorite color in abundance. That'd be green of course!

I went down to San Diego to visit with Britta, Ausra and Ruth and below are pictures of our exploits on the town.

We made t-shirts to celebrate the holiday. Mine said "Erin go Bragh," which of course no one knew the meaning of.

Britta's "Who's Yer Paddy," was definitely a hit, but Ausra's 0% Irish, 0.08% Guinness was probably the most popular of the night--Thanks to Britta's brilliant marketing mind of course.

It was really great to see the original Dykstra Hall group together again, hopefully it won't be years until the next time. We realized when we were hanging out that we'd known eachother for 5+ years! Its truly crazy to think about. Ruth, Tash, Auj don't feel excluded. I have plenty of then and now pictures of you guys as well.

left: Ausra, Britta and I at SAE's Haunted, October 2002

right: Ausra, me and Britta in front of Beach Break Cafe, San Diego March 2007

Alas another St. Patricks day has come and gone and I'll have to wait a whole year to show my Irish pride. Until then, I'll just have to dig out my copy of The Quiet Man and dream of Innisfree.

Erin go Bragh!

And remember, NO Paddy Fingers!

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Britta said...

That was such a fun weekend! I want to wear my shirt again, but it's probably going to be retired into pajama circulation since St. Patrick's Day is over.

As for those old pictures,I can't believe it's been 5 years Looking at the Tinkerbell costume reminded me of dressing Danny up in full drag that night, and then getting stepped on by an SAE with two left feet, which left one of my toes numb for over a week!