Wednesday, December 20, 2006


For those of you who aren't immersed in media market lingo on a daily basis, Social Networking sites are those we refer to fondly as facebook, myspace, friendster and the like.

There was a huge uproar when facebook began it's feeds a few months ago. Labeled as the "Facebook Riots," It seemed as if (even if only temporarily) people did not want other users to have access to their every-day online movements. After a huge public apology by Mark Zuckerberg and assurences of preservation of privacy through the site, feeds have become an everyday part of the facebook experience.

What I think Mark Zuckerberg and other Social networking geniuses (I use the word genius lightly here) tapped into was that people want information. I know you are thinking, well...ok, people want information big woop right?

No, no, my friend, People want information about you! User Generated Media sites or UGM's for us Media Marketing professionals, exploded this year through sites such as YouTube, Wikipedia and yes, Facebook and Myspace.

You think people don't notice when you change the background on your myspace page? Think again. Linking your blog to your myspace page or mentioning past jobs is harmless right? Nope.

I have had run-ins in the past with saying too much on a previous xanga, and in the past three days I have been contacted by both LA Weekly and FishbowlLA wanting to interview me because of a friend I have on Facebook, and information they accessed through Myspace and this blog.

I think I already said too much in that entry but I'm glad I held my tongue just enough to keep me out of trouble.

Either way it's just a bit astounding to know how much access people have to information about you. People put restrictions on their comments pages because of a fear that future employers may read something inflamtory which would steer them away from wanting to hire that candidate. The information is out there, like it or not, and as much as I have rejected this archaic fear of posting personal photos, essays, and opinions, I am starting to think it may be wise to think twice before posting something that could be potentially damaging.

If you haven't already "googled" yourself (besides being an internet dinosaur) you'd be interested to see some of the stuff that will come up.

So since I have been become such an internet celebrity, Keith Olbermann or Andrew Sullivan, if you are reading, I'd love to sit down with a cup of coffee and pick your brain(s).

Oh, and I'll buy.

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