Thursday, July 06, 2006

What an awful day

Sometimes to escape the day I feel the need to pull my down comforter over my head and slip into dreamland. Which would normally be filled with all sorts of beautiful adventures, but a trip back to Oz last night with Taleen, Ivan and Boyan via Fairuza Balk left me with the same nightmares I had back when I was eight. That movie must be the most frightening child's movie ever created. So creepy.

The bad day was brought on yesterday when I had an awful day at work, accompanied by the fact that I had to walk the dog from hell. I had an enjoyable evening only to be awoken this morning to find out a very important package I had dropped off for my job yesterday was UPS rather then USPS. So I fucked up royally. Bah.

I proceeded to sleep through all my classes but woke up remembering I have to go and walk the dog from hell again.

And my face looks awful.

Bah. My eye hurts and I want a chocolate crossiant.

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