Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Grace Coddington Writing a Memoir

I'm not a huge fan of memoirs, but this is one I will definitely read.

Vogue’s creative director and fashion industry icon Grace Coddington is writing a book about her life, reports WWD. Former Men’s Vogueeditor-in-chief Jay Fielding, who has collaborated with Coddington in the past, is her writing partner.

Coddington’s mainstream notoriety has skyrocketed since The September Issue, which means the project is sure to be a hit with fashion insiders and fashion admirers alike. The stylist says that the book will not only cover her life–including her years as a model and time spent at Calvin Klein and British Vogue–but also plenty of fashion history.

As Anna Wintour’s Vogue begins to look less and less like “Anna Wintour’s Vogue“–as we know it, at least–expect more senior staffers to reflect on their legendary careers, whether through books, articles, or museum retrospectives. As the brightest star, it’s no surprise Coddington is leading the pack.

The lovely Grace Coddington. Creative Genius, Vogue Magazine

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K. C. said...

So Darling you saw her today walking about New York? I wish you could take a picture. I know that when someone is out on a public street they can be photographed, but I guess then one becomes paparazzi. Would have been nice to see her in a man on the street thing. LOL