Monday, November 27, 2006

On a personal note...

What a complete disaster this past two months have been. No matter how much you prepare yourself for the tempestuous life you face as an aspiring writer/editor/journalist nothing can ready you for the past couple months I have endured.

Disappointment both pecuniary and privately, from friends and family—I have learned that though strong I may be in spirit, the damage of alcohol, tobacco, and self-inflicted woe does take its toll on my person.

I do believe that I have finally found a job, one that can foster my bank account to fruition unseen since my departure from Regan- lambasting from Huffington Post, and abdication from WNWN magazine. As assistant editor for iMedia connection I will finally be amongst people of amiable accord and demeanor and I thoroughly look forward to the stability that comes from a forty-hour work week.

These past months have made me recognize how truly blessed I am to have friends who love me, family who supports me and finally a man that will take the brunt of my frustration. A thank you would not suffice in expressing my gratitude to those who have truly been there for me, but my love is always with you and I hope that I can be there for you if you are ever in need.

Boyan told me this morning that he “caught” me dreaming. I had to try to remember if I had been having any late night trysts with Brad Pitt before he expressed his concern with my tightened and flexed muscles and eyes darting back and forth underneath my eye-lids. While he thought I was having a nightmare, my mind had been creating images of danger and delight, of pets and palaces that only exist in the deepest of our imaginations. It may be that my creativity is heightened by my inactivity these past two months, or maybe I have a spirit that always seeks something greater then can be attained in reality, either way it can be describe as an in satiated need to explore the inner layers of my mind through words and ideas. God guide me in the pursuit of expression as I walk down the valley of prepositions, pronouns and plot s. May I be able to elicit in words the beauty of life through it’s intricacies.

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